Ding How would not be here if it weren’t for our great great grandfather, Mr. K. A. Huey. He traveled to the United States in 1916 as a chef, hoping to open his own restaurant, and pass his knowledge of traditional Chinese cooking down to his children. 

In 1938, his dream came true when he opened his first restaurant, Hung Fong. Hung Fong still exists today as the oldest Chinese restaurant in San Antonio, located 3624 Broadway. Here, he taught his son, Maury Maverick Huey, the art of running a successful family business; and in turn, Maury Maverick trained his own two sons, Maury Maverick Huey, Jr. and Maurice Huey. Today, Hung Fong is run by his grandson Maverick, Jr..


Since Maury Maverick had two sons, he figured he needed two restaurants. One for each son to run. So, in 1983, our family opened Ding How, located on the corner of Loop 410 and Callaghan. 

It is here where Ding How blossomed. Maurice and his wife, built the business from the ground up. Since 1983, they have spent countless hours creating a welcoming atmosphere ideal for sharing a delicious meal with friends and family. 

4TH Generation

Recently, one of Maurice’s children moved back to San Antonio from New York to carry on the family legacy, and assist with operating Ding How.  

Together as a family, we operate the business, alongside an amazing staff! Many of whom have been working with the entire family since we opened for business more than 30 years ago.

Our family hopes to serve San Antonio fine Chinese cuisine for many years to come!